Cashmere Specialist Trader


Our  Client is a world leader in super fine wool and cashmere processing and trading.

For the cashmere desk, we are looking for a

specialist in cashmere trading and processing


This new colleague must be Mongolian mother Language and speak as well as write fluently in English, Italian is a plus . We  also require deep knowledge in wool  process  and textile  technical machinery background.

This opportunity requires the new trader to stay in Mongolia at least 3 months a year from January to April. In this period he/she has to organize the greasy cashmere purchases sa well as taking care of the production in our mill in Ulanbatar plus the shipments of the final product to Europe.

The rest of the year, the trader will operate in Ticino and will organize once or twice a month a couple of days travel to our various customers in different countries all around Europe in order to focus  quality required , shipment and any other  technicalities we need to manage.

 Should you be looking for a new career path and your experience matches the requirements please apply sending your résumé to Cristina Carella who will take care of your application:  






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Great opportunity, which matches nature production and trading